Visit the main vineyard of Maou where you can take a walk around the property and taste, together with the wines, many other traditional products of Mykonos, such as xynotiro -a hard sour cheese, tyrovolia -the fresh sour cheese, kopanisti -a spicy, very unique in taste, cheese, louza-a ham similar to prosciutto and, finally, traditionally made raw pork sausages. One can also have a Greek horiatiki salad with ingredients from our garden and eggs from our poultry. For desert, taste the Mykonian amygdaloto, a sweet made of almonds and rose water.




and grape crushing


In September, with the end of the harvest we hold a traditional feast with home-made delicacies, plenty of wine, traditional Mykonian instrument players and foot grape-crushing, to wish a good wine-produce “kala krasia”, as we say in Greek.






At the vineyard we organise book presentations, discussions on environmental issues, art exhibitions and poetry nights, which establish it as a site of culture, gathering people with similar interests and aesthetics.





On their own or in larger groups, visitors are welcome at the farm every day on appropriate times, after prior communication.


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